Samsung Service Centre

We are providing the largest repair service in UAE. We are not directly from the Samsung service center but we repair all brands home appliances professionally. if you need to fix your home appliance then contact with Samsung Service Centre.

We are the UAE largest Samsung Authorized Service Center specializing in repair of Washing machine, dryer, fridge, dishwasher and mobiles. Our Samsung service centers in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain provide same day repair*. We are open whole year excluding public holidays from 8 am to 10 pm. Our Engineers at the service center are Samsung certified and are dedicated to provide high quality of work with complete customer satisfaction

Samsung has become a familiar name in the global market. Its wide range of electronic devices has earned the brand a considerable amount of fame in the world of technology. The wide array of Samsung’s products includes laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones as well as semiconductors. However, no matter how well-built Samsung products are, they can be prone to technical malfunction from time to time.



Samsung Service Centre: Get best services for all of your Samsung Appliances

Samsung is an important brand as it provides a huge number of products and services that are quite useful to us. This is one of those leading organizations who want to make the world better by developing innovative technology and products.

Samsung offers some of the world’s best products and services to its customers from the passion for innovation and optimal operation. It has the largest export market for home appliances in the world. This is larger than most other high profile companies.

Samsung is the top-selling washing machine maker in the world for 15 consecutive years. Apart from these, Samsung also provide dishwasher, fridge, and cookers in the market. These appliances have the large number of models which fulfil the consumer requirements. So, if you’re also encountering problems with your Samsung Appliances, then you don’t need to worry much. You can avail the proper solutions from a Samsung Service Centre in Dubai and Samsung Service Centre in Abu Dhabi to fix the issues immediately.

We have the best team of professionals who can deal with any Samsung appliance’s issues and quickly resolve it. You just need to contact Tech Support Dubai and Abu Dhabi and get rid of all the problems regarding your Samsung gadgets immediately


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Samsung Appliance Repair

Samsung is the leading information technology company in the world according to the 2012 revenues. Samsung produces refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, ranges, vacuums and more. If ever you have problems with your home appliances from Samsung, our appliance repair group will be very happy to help you out. Samsung is a technological giant which is responsible for the production of a wide range of electronic devices All you need to do is reach out to our authorized Samsung Repair Service.

Samsung Washing Machine Repair Service Centre

Another Famous product of Samsung is Samsung washing machine. Samsung washing machine is durable and reliable product it is working long time. If you are facing any kind of problem with the Samsung washing machine then our Samsung washer expert technician is available to fix any kind of problem.

You can face some common issues in the Samsung washing machine or washer & Dryer

  • Spin is not working
  • Samsung Washing machine’s door is broken
  • Samsung washing machine leakage issue
  • washing machine  drainage is not working
  • Samsung washing machine is unable to fill the water
  • Power failure
  • Unusual noises coming during spinning time
  • Failure to run through cycles
  • Errors on the digital display of the Samsung washing machines

Samsung washing machine have some error codes and Solution

Error Code
1E, E7
Water Level Sensor Issue
Please check the pressure hose system for any blockages,

Quiet-Drive Motor Defect
The PCB Housing terminal is not connected, there’s a PCB fault, or the Quiet-Motor drive is faulty.

4E, E1
Water Supply Error
Please call to the technician

4E1, 4ED
Water Temperature Issue
Check to ensure the water hose is connected to a cold supply. It must NOT be connected to a hot supply.

Water Temperature Error
The water is too hot for the selected wash.
5E, E2
 (only occurs after 10
Contact to the technical support person

Water Heater Not Functioning
Check the heater resistance which should be around ~27Ω.

Over Current Error
Contact with technical engineer

MEMS Sensor Error
Check the connections to the MEMS sensor which is mounted on top of the tub. All they’re all secure then replace the sensor.

9E1, 9E2, PH1, Plo
Power Error
Check the supply voltage, check for loose power connectors or any with contact defects, check for defective noise filter and fuse.

AE, 13E
Signal Communication Error
Check all the connectors on the Main PCB and Sub PCB’s.

Motor TRIAC Short Error
Swich off the power and then reconnect and try again. If the error persists then replace the PCB.

dE, Ed
Door Open Error (door not closed correctly/properly)
Door Open Error (door not closed correctly/properly).

Door Lock Switch Error
Check that the door is closed, check the switch for any damage and if so please replace.

On/Off Switch Error
Contact with service center

Fan Error (Dryer or Air Refresh fan fault)
Please Contact to the Service Center


Abnormal water temperature
The temperature sensor has detected temperature over 100°C.

HE1, E5
Water Heater Error
Check the heater resistance which should be ~27Ω.

Dryer Heater Error
Check heater TCOs. One is resettable. if it needs to be reset; check fan for correct operation, check condenser water valve operation, check condenser for blockages.

Steam Function Fault
Check steam function and TCOs.
Appliance Too Hot
This is not a fault – the appliance fan will continue to run until the appliance is cool enough for the washing to be removed. The door will unlock when it is safe.
LE, LE1, E9, 11E
Water Leak (low water level detected during cycle)
Check that the level of the drain hose is not lower than the base of the Samsung washing machine.

OE, E3
Overflow Error
Also check the pressure system for any debris/foam.

Overflow Abnormal (water has reached the overflow level)
Check for any water valves which have stuck in the open position, check for debris/foam in the pressure system.

Excess Foam Detected
check the pressure system and sump for any debris.

t1, t2, tSt
Appliance In Test Mode
Switch the appliance off at the mains and wait 30 seconds. Then, switch it back on and try again.

Excessive Fluctuation
If the error cannot be reset then please replace the main PCB.

UE, E4
Unbalanced Error
check the shock absorbers for condition, check the springs for condition.

bE1, 12E
Power Button Fault
Power button held in for more than 13 seconds.

bE2, 14E
Control Button Fault
Any button (other than the power button) held in for more than 30 seconds.

bE3, 18E
Switch Error
There is a relay fault.

CE, E8
Cooling Error
Contact to the Service Center

5E or SE
Draining error
Drainage block

Not enough water error
Fill hose unattached or kinked

DE or DC
Door error
Door incorrectly closed

Too much water error
Overloaded machine or excess detergent

Samsung Refrigerator Repair:

Samsung refrigerators have the advanced technology. It is reliable and has long life. If your Samsung refrigerator has an issue then better you will contact with the Samsung Service centre to fix this issue. Samsung refrigerator issue any technician cannot fix. Only professional technician can fix this one.

All of our repairs have 3 month warranty and a 100% Customer Satisfaction. We provide you with the highest quality in appliance repair service. Other than if you are experiencing problems with your Samsung Refrigerator not cooling, we also help with Samsung Stove not heating, Samsung Dishwasher not cleaning or Samsung Dryer not drying.

We are responsible for fixing any challenge that might interfere with the smooth running of your Samsung Refrigerators. Some of the problems fixed by our Samsung Appliance Repair Group include;

  • Defrosting of Samsung refrigerator is not working
  • Cooling of refrigeration
  • Abnormal sounds comes from the Samsung refrigerators
  • Compromised Ice dispenser
  • Faulty water dispenser
  • Faulty lights
  • Water comes off from the fridge

Samsung Dishwasher Repair:

Samsung have its own reputation in the dishwasher products. Dishwasher is the compulsory device in this age of the kitchen. In the time of COVID-19 situation dishwasher is compulsory to clean the dishes with the high temperature.

May be you will find some most common errors in Samsung dishwashers

Faulty timer

  • water temperatures issue in Samsung dishwasher
  • water not receiving
  • Poor drainage
  • Inability to fill up with water
  • Soup box not working

Samsung Dryer Repair:

Almost every 3rd house have a dryer machine and Samsung dryer have the most commonly used appliance: Samsung Dryer not drying or dryer not heating. We can help you diagnose and repair your Samsung dryer. We are experts in Samsung Dryer repair.

  • Samsung dryer is not drying the cloth properly
  • Samsung dryer is not heating
  • Dryer is making sound
  • Samsung dryer is unable to start
  • Damp clothing after a drying cycle
  • Failure of dryer to get heated

Samsung Appliance Repair Specialist

We are an Authorized Service Centre for Samsung appliances, both preventative maintenance and repair work. We have extensive training and experience working on Samsung appliances.
Our technical experts have the experience to repair the Samsung appliances easily:

  • Samsung Cooktops
  • Wall Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Warmer Dryers
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Samsung Microwaves
  • Samsung Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators of Samsung
  • Wine Cellars,
  • Compactors
  • Clothes Washers of Samsung
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Pedestal Drawers

Why Choose Tech Support Samsung service centre?

We have the best engineers on our team who can deliver you genuine Samsung assistance with real-time solutions. We are providing the best service

Customer Support to the client’s 24×7

Just give a call, and our experts will come up with the same day.

Services on Time

Not only we provide reliable services, but we also maintain punctuality while delivering our services. We value your time, and for that, we focus on providing quick solutions to our customers.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our repair service is very cost effective we are not charging hidden charges Our Tech Support Dubai team can give you the exact Samsung assistance you require within your budget.

Best Team of Experienced technicians

Our Tech Support Dubai and Abu Dhabi team brings in a lot of experienced and proficient engineers who are capable to fix home appliances of Samsung very well.

Approach Tech Support of Samsung @0581236020 & Get Exceptional Samsung Repair Services UAE

If you are looking for professional assistance regarding Samsung Home appliances’ problems, you can friendly contact our Samsung Service Centre. We don’t just talk about how we can help, rather we make it happen. If you need Official Agency of Samsung washing machine then

Here comes the role of our Samsung service centre in Dubai. The experienced and competent technicians at UAE Technician are well-versed in the relevant knowledge and skills required to solve all your problems with Samsung products. Therefore, get in touch with us and let our professionals do the job for you.

Get Premium Support to Troubleshoot Samsung appliances Errors at a Reasonable Rate at Samsung Service Centre

Samsung products slow down their performance after a year or so. Here is good news for people who are struggling with their Samsung products. The most reliable service providers in Dubai have come to help you with their group of experts.

Choose the best Samsung Service Centre:

We have advanced tools and applications to resolve Samsung device errors. Don’t overburden yourself with random Samsung issues. With years of experience, our services have set the bar high.

Reach us at our helpline number:

Don’t let issues with your Samsung product affect your efficiency. Connect with the experts at f2help through the Samsung service center number: 0581236020 and get instant solutions. We ensure the delivery of your repaired device before the expected time. You can also drop us a mail enlisting you Samsung product concerns.

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